About us at ChannelFix.com

We're a bunch of people who wanted to change their world, who had great stories, who wanted to be famous. Just like you, we woke up in the morning with incredible ideas, gameplans, and visions. But because we're just normal people like everyone else, our ability to make major dents in the universe came up... well... a bit lame.

We wondered whether there was a platform that
embraced people with a desire to change their world...

Sure everyone has some totally awesome ideas...

but if you don't have a totally awesome platform to
support your efforts, then who the hell is going to care?

Even if you just went out and made kickass content, there's a world of other hurdles to slow you down: Advertising. Marketing tools. Revenue generation. A community of excellence. And, unfortunately, this is where dreams get deferred. Because in this moment, there's so many great platforms online to do so many great things.

But where's the platform helping people to change their world?

So, we decided to create a platform that allows everyday people to
change their world, tell great stories, and become famous

...we included diverse advertising tools, incredible marketing tools, a revenue model and neatly packaged them in a community of excellence so that you won't be derailed from your path of awesomeness.

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