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What's ChannelFix? is video tournaments. We place content creators in head-to-head competition, globally rank contestants and reward winners with valuable prizes. So was built to launch online tournaments that will massively benefit you:

  • Users create unique tournament concepts.
  • Anyone on Earth can upload their video entry to compete.
  • The world votes to determine the winners of prestigious prizes exclusively through

Aside from being a platform that changes people's lives, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools built.

"Video is the future of content marketing... Axonn Research found 7/10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them." - Chris Trimble, The Guardian

A tournament can have any type of prize, and diverse prizes such as physical items, virtual items, experiences, or cash.

Here's the platform helping people to change their world.

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Why Advertise on ChannelFix Tournaments?


Create a Video Solution

Whether you want to launch a brand, get traffic, create attention, or generate sales, video is the web’s most important medium.


Empower Content Creators

Through the mechanics of a ChannelFix contest, content creators spread your brand’s message to their following.


Convert Viral Videos into Revenue

By placing adverts (with links) to the places you choose, you can convert your viral video campaign into actual traffic.

Our Mission’s mission is to give you the power to change YOUR world. By redefining the media world, we empower you to have your voice be heard, and define the future you believe in.

Our Vision


Get inside the Mind of the Madmen behind We've always defined video as something to watch...Whether its on television, in a theatre, or on the Internet...watching video has always been just entertaining...


But imagine if watching was just the beginning...Imagine if we were looking at video all wrong, our perception of what video could do was limited because no platform had dreamed to elevate the status quo, to empower viewers to push entertainment into change. dares to dream. Dares to redefine. Dares to push the boundaries.


Watching video will never be the same. Dare yourself to be part of greatness. Watch. Be rewarded. Support your interests. Change your world.

How to Win?

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